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this app will not let me use more than one picture on anything

heather harris , 04.08.2011, 02:29

Snowflake collage- everytime I try to load multiple pictures, after the second picture it clears my previous selections and starts me back with no selected pictures.

Kevin, 27.03.2012, 08:07

Everytime I try to add a second picture to make a collage it takes out all pictures

Paula Ricks, 25.03.2012, 05:41

how do i add more than 1 photo? always erases and when i add 2nd.

tina, 25.02.2012, 15:57

Shape Collages don't work. When adding pictures it often deletes them before finishing the task.

Les, 21.02.2012, 21:03

I am trying to put pictures on, but every time I try to add the second picture on, it resets to no pictures. I have tried several pictures.

Kiga, 14.02.2012, 20:26

i can not put more than one picture at a time

Migdalia, 10.02.2012, 04:11

It is not allowing me to do multiple pictures

When I try to put 2 different pictures into a 2-framed collage, the 2 slots show up as empty after picking the second picture:\ HELP! I am pretty sure it is a pilot error but I cannot figure it out:\

Laura, 03.02.2012, 10:35

i just ran into a glitch. when choosing from the simple frames, and picking a multiple photo effect is only using one photo instead of the two or 3 selected. thank you.

lorena, 27.01.2012, 23:57

every time i click on the pictures that has to have more then one photo it makes me start over after o choose my photos

ty, 27.01.2012, 00:56

when selecting multi picture collage, I am continuously forced to re-select my first picture after I ernest the second one. This has worked for me in the past, but is now causing problems.

Borboleta, 25.01.2012, 15:45

it won't let me use multi photo effects. Samsung galaxy 4g

lex , 16.01.2012, 21:15

wht it dont it let me put more then one picture up it ask for two and wend i try to put my other picture up it gose back and say update photo why is that?

Lisa21, 10.01.2012, 02:31

buenas noches!! la version que yo tengo la version normal y solo me deja cargar 2 fotos ya que me marca error!! mi pregunta es ¿ tengo que comprar la version pro para poder cargar mas fotos?? Gracias por su respuesta!!

Mary Castro, 03.01.2012, 02:29

the collages keep reseting before i finish and the movie one doesnt work for me! Samsung Fascinate

Ainjulle , 20.11.2011, 21:33

it takes so long to add pictures for a collage. is there a way we can select miltiple images?

aj, 10.11.2011, 09:47

why wont it let me put more than one picture in the multiple frames? everytime it starts me back over. it will let me put the same pic in them but when i try to put a different one it just restarts me. please fix

mike, 27.10.2011, 03:39

i keep trying to use any of the effects that call for 1-5 photos but it keeps deleting the photos when i get more than one and goes back to the start page. can you helpp me out??

kim, 20.10.2011, 04:49

It won't let me add more than one pic to a multi pic frame.. And it keeps freezing up on me..

Samantha mccarty, 16.10.2011, 14:17

Everytime I try to an effect that is made for multiple photo use, after chosing one photo, when I chose the second photo they both disappear!!! Why wont it let me??? PLEASE FIX THIS!!!

Bananas Mama, 15.10.2011, 12:30

I keep trying to use one of the reality effects 'love in the mountains' and after choosing the first pic to use Im told to choose the second pic & when I do, it erases both pics!!! Please fix this!!!

Bananas Mama, 13.10.2011, 05:55
Response from the site administrator
dailyweekends, 11.11.2011
Hi all!
If you cant add more than one picture to the multiple photo frames then please send your Android device name and Android OS version (find it in Settings -> About phone) to
Idea status: completed


D Haigh, 04.07.2012, 10:13
Same problem even after the recent update HTC sensation on ics
mlwilo joel, 20.04.2014, 11:39
Hello this error in adding multiple pictures using any app can be solved first go to phone settings if you are using an android Os then navigate to developer options turn off developer options this will solve the error of an app clearing the previous added image when you are adding a second image ..... I hope it'll work for you ....

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